VBS Time

Season 3, Episode 1 (92). Recorded 2019-06-05 via Zoom. Allen Webster joins us as we talk up Vacation Bible Schools.

Work Right

Season 2, Episode 46 (91). Recorded 2019-05-29 via Zoom. We wrap up Season 2 while wrapping up our discussion on Colossians 3.

Rant of the Week

Season 2, Episode 45 (90). Recorded 2019-05-22 via Skype. Zach and Pablo are just along for the ride as Keith goes on a classic rant about Biblical authority.

Don’t Do It Keith

Season 2, Episode 44 (89). Recorded 2019-05-15 via Zoom. Still trying to wrap up our discussion of Colossians 3. Keith is rebuked for provoking his children.

In All Wisdom

Season 2, Episode 43 (88). Recorded 2019-05-08 via Zoom. The discussion of Colossians 3 continues with verses 16-17. Don’t worry. We’re getting closer to the end.

The Peace of God

Season 2, Episode 42 (87). Recorded 2019-05-01 via Zoom. The discussion of Colossians 3 continues with verse 15.

Love Is the Glue

Season 2, Episode 41 (86). Recorded 2019-04-24 via Zoom. The discussion on Colossians 3 continues with verses 12-15. And Zach apparently bought bug spray for Maranda instead of new sunglasses.


Season 2, Episode 40 (85). Recorded via Skype 2019-04-17. Keith, Zach, and Pablo discuss the Barbarians of Colossians 3:11.

Spring Has Sprung

Season 2, Episode 39 (84). Recorded 2019-04-12 via Skype from Keith’s backyard, Paintsville Lake State Park Pavilion 4, and Callao, Lima, Peru. The discussion continues on Colossians 3.

Feliz Cumpleaños

Season 2, Episode 38 (83). Recorded 2019-04-04 via Skype. Keith, Zach, and Pablo continue with Colossians 3. Also, Happy Birthday Pablo!