Glad to Be Back

Season 4, Episode 23 (163). Recorded 2021-02-03 via Zoom. After more than 2 months away, we finally got it all back together.


Season 4, Episode 22 (162). Recorded 2020-11-23 via Zoom. Here are a couple of lessons from a morning spent in the woods.

I’m Hungry Now

Season 4, Episode 21 (161). Recorded 2020-11-05 via Zoom. “You should love the Lord your God” is our topic for today. As soon as we stopped recording, Pablo said, “I’m hungry now,” hence the title of the episode.

Bless Them

Season 4, Episode 20. Recorded 2020-10-22 via Zoom. Jared is on assignment this week, but we managed to have a really good discussion about blessings.


Season 4, Episode 19 (159). Recorded 2020-10-15 via Zoom. In this episode we look at 2 Timothy 2:16, shunning profane and vain babblings. Good advice for all of us.

Gotta Keep Running

Season 4, Episode 18 (158). Recorded 2020-10-08 via Zoom. 1 Timothy 6:11 is the verse under consideration this week.

Ah Man

Season 4, Episode 17 (157). Recorded 2020-09-24 via Zoom. We start out talking about Philippians 2:14, but where do we end up? We went a little over on time, but there wasn’t anywhere to stop!

Sermon One-Liners–Ephesians 4:27

Season 4, Episode 16 (156). Recorded 2020-09-16 via Zoom. Today’s episode looks at Ephesians 4:27 as one of those short verses that packs a big punch.

Sermon One-Liners

Season 4, Episode 15 (155). Recorded 2020-09-10 via Zoom. We went a little long today. Someone lost track of the time. We’re sharing some verses that in and of themselves make pretty good sermons for our lives.

First Aid Kit

Season 4, Episode 14 (154). Recorded 2020-09-03 via Zoom. How important is a first aid kit? Not important at all, at least until you need one.