Season 3 Finale

Season 3, Episode 49 (140). Recorded 2020-05-28 via Zoom. A look back at the past 3 years as Zach says farewell.

Remembering 2020

Season 3, Episode 47 (138). Recorded 2020-05-13 via Zoom. Zach is on assignment. What will you remember 2020 for?


Season 3, Episode 46 (137). Recorded 2020-05-07 via Zoom. How many people look at things in the word of God as hoaxes?

Es Solo Pollo

Season 3, Episode 45 (136). Recorded 2020-04-30 via Zoom. “It’s just chicken, folks.” Don’t lose your Christianity over trivial things.


Season 3, Episode 44 (135). Recorded 2020-04-23 via Zoom. Jared is out on assignment today. Facebook Live failed (again). Today we do NOT EVEN MENTION the “C” word, but talk about Christians as the workmanship of God.

Essential v Nonessential

Season 3, Episode 43 (134). Recorded 2020-04-15 via Zoom. The talk (eventually) turns to things essential versus nonessential.

Impact on Missions

Season 3, Episode 42 (133). Recorded 2020-04-09 via Zoom and Facebook Live. John Farber joins us to talk about the impact that the global pandemic is having upon missions.

Coronavirus Part III

Season 3, Episode 41 (132). Recorded 2020-04-02 via Zoom. Pablo is out on assignment. (Actually, his power went out, but being on assignment sounds more cool.) Yes, unfortunately, we’re still talking about coronavirus.

A Coronavirus Parable

Season 3, Episode 40 (131). Recorded 2020-03-25 via Zoom. I think Jared is becoming a permanent fixture on the program because he joined us again. Also, I think I may preach this on Sunday.

Corona Response

Season 3, Episode 39 (130). Recorded 2020-03-18 via Zoom. Joined again by Jared Gaines. We talk about the varying responses churches have had to the COVID-19 threat.