Happy Thanksgiving 2019

Season 3, Episode 26 (117). Recorded 2019-11-27 via Zoom. Keith, Zach, and Pablo talk about the upcoming mission trips and roles within the church.

Plumb Amazing

Season 3, Episode 25 (116). Recorded 2019-11-21 via Zoom. Pablo was not able to join us this week, and the idea was to talk about things we were thankful for, but we digressed into talking about various aspects of God’s creation that are just plumb amazing.


Season 3, Episode 24 (115). Recorded 2019-11-13 via Zoom. The discussion turns to a few ways that cliches are a limiting force within the church.

What Is in Your Pocket

Season 3, Episode 23 (114). Recorded 2019-11-06 via Zoom. What are we doing with the talent that we have, and are we over- and under-utilizing some of those talents?

Better Christianity

Season 3, Episode 22 (113). Recorded 2019-10-31 via Zoom. We’re a day late due to scheduling constraints, but we somehow digress into talking about listening, and are fascinated with Pablo’s “psychologist face.”

October 23–Again

Season 3, Episode 21 (112). Recorded 2019-10-23 via Zoom. Spencer Furby joins us on October 23, exactly one year from the last time he joined us. The discussion continues about subtle things that true children of God do.

5 Subtle Marks of God’s Children

Season 3, Episode 20 (111). Recorded 2019-10-16 via Zoom. We take a look at some simple things the God’s people do that aren’t for show, they just do them if they are truly God’s children.

The Attitude of Servitude

Season 3, Episode 19 (110). Recorded 2019-10-09 via Zoom. The discussion continues about our servitude within the church…and outside of the church.

Feet Washing

Season 3, Episode 18 (109). Recorded 2019-10-02 via Zoom. How much purpose does our service in the church actually possess? This is most likely part 1 of 2, because there is more to be said.

Things I Wish People Knew (2)

Season 3, Episode 17 (108). Recorded 20129-09-25 via Zoom. The discussion continues about general biblical truths that some choose to ignore.