The Priorities Within

By: Zach Collins

The human heart is an amazing, awe-inspiring work of God. It is at the center of anatomical relevance within the human body. Without the heart, the human body seizes to exist. Here’s some fun facts. On average, your heart beats at least one-hundred thousand times a day. Through those thousands of beats, your heart pumps two-thousand gallons of blood each day. This all occurs within an organ the size of your fist, literally. But, the human heart is of more than anatomical relevance. Continue reading “The Priorities Within”

The Denial of a Christian

By: Zach Collins

If we turn our bibles to Mark 14, we read of various things. We read of the burial anointment of Jesus by Mary (Mark 14:3-9). We read of the last supper that Jesus shared with His disciples (Mark 14:12-16). We read of the betrayal of Jesus by Judas (Mark 14:43-45). We read of the arrest and trial of Jesus (Mark 14:43-65). This chapter of scriptrue is chalked full of influential accounts within scripture. Accounts which occur in the span of one week. But, we also read of something else; the denial of Peter (Mark 14:66-72). We read of this account by Mark, (Mark 14: 66-72), and also within the account of Matthew (Matt. 26:69-75). We all know the story: Peter, a disciple of Christ, denies Jesus three times before the rooster crowed twice, just as Jesus had prophesied earlier in Mark 14. But, do we overlook the magnitude of that denial? Continue reading “The Denial of a Christian”

Aim High!

By: Keith Olbricht

There is a story that was supposed to be the introduction to this, but I decided to not bore you with it and skip it to get right to the point: we are going through life with our expectations too high. From careers, to cars, to peers, to looks, and to material stuff in general, the bar of expectation has been set so high that we are impossible to satisfy. Part of this is the natural byproduct of really good things. “Aim high,” we are told in school, and certainly we should. We can and should aim higher than we think we can obtain, but if we are aiming for the wrong things, all we amount to is a puff of smoke and a boom echoing around us. Continue reading “Aim High!”