It seems like it happens this way every year.  There are still lots of leaves on the trees, and then there is a big storm that takes them all down.  Sunday the wind blew ferociously, and overnight it produced a noticeable change.  Although it has happened this way time and time again, it is easy to forget that this is the way it commonly happens.  Those leaves are supposed to come down, but sometimes it takes a big event to make it happen.

Big events in life are also landscape changers.  Sometimes these events are chosen, while other times those events may just seem to find you.  Graduations, marriages, the birth of children, the death of someone loved, all of these things are going to change the landscape of lives.  And even though those events may have been previously witnessed in your life or in the lives of others around you, it is still easy to forget that the landscape will change.  When those events occur, you really have two choices: let things continue on their natural course, or reshape the landscape to your liking.

Of those leaves that have fallen, the vast majority will remain where they now lie (or wherever the wind may blow them).  No one will be there to pick up the pieces, no one will clean up the mess, and for the vast majority of those leaves, no one will even care.  And it should be noted that any analogy can only be carried so far, we will purposefully ignore the fact that these fallen leaves play an integral part in our ecosystem and will fulfill their own purpose in time.  Besides, those are not the leaves that should concern you.  No, the ones that should concern you are the ones that can damage your environment by clogging your gutters, filling your ditches, and creating a haven for pests and rodents.  You see, big events have the potential to lead to bigger messes in our lives.  On the other hand, the changing of a landscape also provides an immediate and convenient opportunity to reshape the landscape to your liking.  Things are already in a state of transition, and changing things for the better in such times is easier than starting from scratch.

Be on the lookout for big events!  Whether in your life or in those around you, big events happen.  And whether these big events are by choice or not, they will always reshape the landscape of lives.  Change is already taking place.  You may have the opportunity to help someone—or yourself—to reshape their life for Jesus.

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