Say What?

How many times in life have you made plans to do something only to find out that what you wanted to do couldn’t be done?  You want to bake a cake and discover you don’t have eggs.  Or you go to the bank only to discover that it is Columbus Day and the bank is closed.  Part of you wants to blame the bank, or the refrigerator, or anyone or anything but yourself, but at the end of it all, who is to blame?
Now think of evil.  I’m not talking about a practical joke on your neighbor.  I’m talking about hearing what God has planned for your conduct, your morality, your relationships, your salvation, and you either quietly or defiantly deciding to go your own way.  You can plan and devise all you want, but God’s plans will be always be victorious (cf. Isaiah 55:9).
Here’s the point: don’t be surprised when your plans do not work out as you had thought.  Sadly, there will be those on the Day of Judgment who are astonished to find that their schemes to do evil were all for naught.  There will even be those on that Day who thought they were doing right, only to hear, “Depart from me, for I never knew you.”  Sadly, their response may be, “Say what?”
Make sure you have enough spiritual eggs before you pour your spiritual oil in the spiritual cake batter.

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