Up a Tree Without a Paddle (Or Something Like That)

A friend and I used to fish a little creek off of the Eleven Point River quite a bit.  There was a stretch of water about a mile long that we commonly fished and knew very well.  We would drive out there with a john boat and a trolling motor, fish until we got tired, then call it a day and load up and go home.  But then came the day we decided to float from that spot down to the river, and then down the river to the boat ramp.  By the time we got to the river, the trolling motor battery was just about dead and the sun was rapidly setting.  The result was that we found ourselves in the swiftly moving current of the river in a fairly large boat that was essentially adrift in the dark.  We did have a paddle, but nonetheless, let’s just say it was a memorable evening.

In Luke 19 we find the man known as Zacchaeus.  No doubt, climbing that sycamore tree seemed like a good idea at the time, but he discovered that it really was not where he wanted to be.  He then had a choice.  He could stay in the tree or he could come down quickly as Jesus instructed.  Coming down meant he was committed to letting Jesus enter his life; staying in the tree meant he was committed to, well, staying in the tree.

We read this account and we think, “Of course Zacchaeus was going to come down!”  But how many of us would have done what Zacchaeus did?  How many essentially commit themselves to staying up in a tree, content to let the currents of life take them where they will?  As long as you stay in that tree, you won’t be where Jesus wants you to be!  “Make haste and come down!” lest you find yourself up a tree without a paddle.

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