60 Seconds with God – Acts Week

Acts 5:29 says, “But Peter and the other apostles said, ‘We ought to obey God, rather than man.’”

Do you obey God rather than man? In other words, do we live our lives to please man? Or, do we live our lives to please God? As we find in Matt. 6:24, it is impossible to serve both man and God. Therefore, we must choose between man and God. Here’s a concept we overlook as Christians: When we are baptized, and arise out of those waters a new creation, Jesus comes and lives through us. You see, we must die to ourselves, before we can ever live for Christ. And, here is another idea: If Christ is trying to live through you, but you are trying to live through man, Christ can’t live through you. Why? There isn’t room within your soul for two masters. Today, take the apostles advice and live your life to serve God by obeying His commands, forget about man. In the end, God’s reward will be far superior to the rewards of man.

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