60 Seconds with God: Sin = Disease

Disease is a lot like sin. Once it infects you, it lingers around for a while. Then, once you treat it, it goes away. But, if you stray from your medication, what happens? It comes back. Sin is a lot like disease. Once sin seeps into the crevices of your life, it will linger around for a while. But, if you seek treatment for that sin, offered only through Jesus Christ, then it will go away. But, if you stray away from Jesus and revert back to your old ways, that sin will come back. Oh, and the end result of disease left untreated is the same as sin left untreated: Death. There is no life in sin, only a path that leads to eternal destruction (Matt. 7:13-14). But, fear not, there is a treatment! That treatment is the Word of God. If you hear, read, obey, and live the message within it’s pages, you will have the means necessary to treat whatever sin that ails your life. Today, if you are infected by sin, seek treatment before it is too late!

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