Certainty Before Sincerity

What is a core principle of our Christianity and love for God? Sincerity.

As Christians, we must be sincere in our love for God and our Christianity. This is true in regard to our worship as well. We have all heard the statement, “As long as I am sincere in my worship, that’s all that matters.” This statement is partly true. Sincerity is key to our worship, just as it is key to our Faith (see 1 Tim. 1:5). We are also commanded to be sincere in our love (2 Cor. 8:8), which extends from God to others, shown through our lives and worship. But, another key to our worship, which is often overlooked, is certainty. Spiritually speaking, sincerity must be coupled with certainty. Think about it. If you were to believe in ­­­­­­­________, but were not certain that _______ existed, could you be sincere in your belief of __________? Obviously, no. The same holds true for our Christianity. We must believe the gospel (Mk. 16:15-16), before we can develop a relationship with God. That belief isn’t to be somewhat certain, it is to be full of certainty. If you are not certain in your belief of God, then you do not share a relationship with God. Here is the inverse: If we are not certain, how can we be sincere? In other words, if we don’t believe in our belief, how can we be sincere in our belief? Obviously, you can’t. Without certainty, you can only have false sincerity. Therefore, we must be certain that our belief in God is full of certainty, along with sincerity. We must be certain that we are right and then practice that belief with sincerity.

To conclude, let us be certain of our belief and then practice sincerity within that belief daily. But, that extends to our worship as well. Today, as we worship God, let the certainty in our belief, lead to sincerity within our worship.

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