43 Days

Here’s the story: I get notifications from time to time on my smartphone. Some are text messages, some are Facebook messages, and some are alerts from my calendar. I even get updates regarding the fitness technology I wear on my wrist. But, no notification resonated within my mind like the notification I got the other day. This notification came from my Bible App, and it said, “Congratulations! You have read your Bible 43 Days in a row! Don’t let your streak end today!” The first thought that came to my mind was, “Oh, I haven’t read my Bible today!” But, my second thought was, “Why, only, 43 days?” This notification legitimately bothered me and got me thinking. I strive to read and study God’s Word daily, but 44 days ago, this important concept within my Christianity took the backseat to something else in my life. I began to ask myself, “What was I doing 44 days ago that was so important, I didn’t have time to read my Bible?” The answer: Nothing. But, then a third thought popped into my mind, “Am I applying effort in all aspects of my Christianity? Or, am I only applying effort in one aspect of my Christianity?” Let me give you an analogy.

Here’s an analogy: As an athlete, you must push yourself, daily, in order to achieve your fullest potential in whatever sport you play. That motivation must be spread into different aspects as well. In other words, you can’t just focus on one aspect of the sport, without focusing on the other aspects. If you do, you will never become an all-around athlete within that specific sport. This concept is two-fold. In order for our Faith to remain strong, I believe it is important that we push ourselves within our Faith. In other words, we strive, daily, to achieve new heights within our spiritual life and through our relationship with God. But, you can’t just focus on one aspect of your Faith, while ignoring the other aspects. After all, Faith is an all-encompassing concept, that requires an applied effort throughout. Each aspect of your Faith is just as important as the other aspects. They are all equal. From prayer life, to reading and studying God’s Word, or showing Godly works through our Christianity, all these things are equal and directly attribute to each other. In other words, if my prayer life suffers, then my Christian works suffer as well. If I forget to ready my Bible and study it daily, then the health of my Faith suffers, because it is no longer learning God’s Word, a necessity for our Faith to grow. Let me sum it up.

Here’s the point: You can focus on one aspect of your Faith in order to improve that one aspect, but don’t let other aspects become diminished because of tunnel-vision. By striving to improve our Christianity, in all aspects, we can become stronger in our Faith through the effort we apply. After all, on Judgement Day, it isn’t streaks on your Bible App that will matter, nor the mastery of one aspect of your Faith either. On Judgement Day, it will be the all-encompassing effort that you applied in strengthening your Faith in all aspects. As Christians, let us strive to develop lasting streaks in all aspects of our Christianity!


Reader’s Verse of Encouragement: Colossians 3:16

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”

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