The True Riches of Heaven

By: Zach Collins

When I was growing up in the Church, we had conversations about eternity all of the time. I heard my friends, fellow Christians, my parents, and my family talk about Heaven. We talked about the beauty of Heaven, the others who might be in Heaven, and the riches of Heaven. We always talked about the riches. Everyone wanted to talk about the streets of gold, the gates made of pearls, our own personal mansions (John 14:2), and the walls adorned with various jewels, (Rev. 21:18-21). Everybody would say, “I want to go to heaven to see ___________.” This blank was always filled with the riches of Heaven, never anything else.

I’m here to propose a radical idea: I don’t want to go to Heaven for the riches. Is that strange? Hear me out. Sure, the riches are an added bonus to the glorious sight of an eternal resting place. Since God made them, I’m sure those creations will be marvelous in a literal sense. But, anywhere that I can spend eternity with God, along with fellow Christians, is an eternal resting place worthy of going. Think about it. I’m sure that those streets of gold will be truly beautiful (Rev. 21:21). But, I would still want to go to Heaven even if those roads were gravel, just to be with God. It is unquestionable that those pearly gates will be indescribably magnificent (Rev. 21:21). But, I would still want to go to Heaven even if those gates were made of concrete, just to be with God. I’m sure that Jesus has gone and prepared a wonderful place for those who love Him, believe in Him, and follow Him (John 14:2). But, I don’t care if that place is a mansion, a shack, or a room, I’d still want to go to Heaven to be with God. It is not my intention to take away from the marvels of God, His creation, or the eternal resting place He has prepared for us. Since He created them, our eternal resting place will be indescribable. I cannot wait to be there.

Yet, the riches of Heaven shouldn’t be our only motivation to join God in Heaven. We should want to go to Heaven to be in the presence of God (Psalm 11:4). We should want to go to Heaven because God made this eternal resting place for each one of us (John 14:2). We should want to go to Heaven because there will be no burdens (Rev. 21:4). In other words, all of the things that afflict us within this temporary life will seize to exist. We should want to go to Heaven to see our Faith become sight. That should be our primary motivation. Think about it. All the things we have imagined through our study of God’s word, regarding Heaven, will be before our eyes. A sight unimaginable, made possible through our steadfast dedication to God and our Faith. After all, I think the true riches of Heaven are the gift of Heaven itself and a free citizenship to enjoy the added bonuses (John 3:16, Phil. 3:20).

As Christians, let us strive to seek motivation within our Faith. A motivation that burns eternal within our souls, driving us towards the ultimate goal of Heaven, our eternal resting place. It is my prayer that we all obey the gospel, become a Christian by being buried in baptism (Acts 10:48, Gal 3:27), and rejoice in that dwelling place that God has prepared for his children (John 14:2). Obviously, Heaven will be a sight that no person should miss.


Reader’s Verse of Encouragement: 1 Corinthians 2:9

“What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him” —

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